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The Huddle™ Podcast

This week on The Huddle Podcast, DDO interviews Lonny Rosen for our “What is Health Law?” series.

Lonny is co-founder of Rosen Sunshine LLP. He advises individual, corporate and institutional clients with respect to health care legislation and policies, and represents clients in a wide range of civil and administrative proceedings. He regularly represents health professionals in complaint and discipline matters, investigations, audits and peer reviews, hospital privileges disputes and in hearings before various health tribunals. Lonny is also certified as a Health Law Specialist by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

In this episode of The Huddle Podcast, Lonny talks about:

  • What he loves about working with health sector clients
  • What is “advocacy” and the difference between a solicitor’s practice and a litigator’s practice
  • Opportunities and challenges in using social media in a legal practice

For more information about Lonny: http://rosensunshine.com/health-lawyers/lonny-rosen/

What is Health Law? Interested to know what a health lawyer does? Listen to leading practitioners in the field talk about their personal career paths, what’s on their desk, the kind of work they do and their visions for the future.