The updated Emergency Orders chart can be found here:

Effective December 26th, 2020, all Ontario regions are moved into Stage 1 (Grey Zone/Lockdown). Below is a non-exhaustive list of rules that apply during lockdown:

  • Grocery stores and pharmacies are allowed to open at 50% capacity for in-person shopping
  • Liquor stores allowed to open at 25% capacity for in-person shopping
  • Most retail stores may only open for curb-side pickup and delivery
  • Certain retail stores i.e. safety supply stores, stores selling medical/assistive/mobility devices and aids, and optical stores, may remain open in-person by appointment only
  • All restaurants and bars may only open for pickup, delivery and drive-through
  • Essential businesses such as auto repair shops, vet clinics, snow clearing and landscaping, domestic services support children, seniors and vulnerable persons, shelters, are allowed to remain open
  • Schools are only permitted virtual learning (no in-person teaching or instruction)
    • Jan 11: grades K-8 and schools in certain regions such as Algoma, North Bay, Sudbury, are allowed to return to in-person teaching
    • Jan 25: all schools allowed to return to in-person teaching

Disclaimer: This chart is provided for information purposes only and is not legal advice.  The links provided to will contain the text of the regulations in this document; however, the statutes accessible at that site might not reflect these regulatory amendments.  Please consult for the full text of proposed legislation. This chart is current only to the date and time indicated.