Pamela is Corporate Counsel at DDO Health Law. She has a broad corporate practice advising clients in the health care sector about various corporate/commercial matters.

Pamela’s practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Corporate/Commercial. Pamela has experience drafting corporate/commercial agreements, such as physician agreements, vendor contracts, and research agreements for data sharing. She advises on all types of integrations and restructurings – mergers, amalgamations, and alliances.
  • Governance. Pamela routinely advises charitable and not-for-profit organizations on corporate governance and charitable law matters such as Board structuring, compliance with regulatory requirements, and policies to ensure leading governance practices.
  • Procurement.  Pamela provides guidance to broader public sector entities on all stages of procurement to ensure their interests are protected throughout the process. She has experience advising clients on the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act and its directives.
  • Privacy. Pamela is knowledgeable about data sharing and privacy statutes such as the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). She routinely conducts privacy impact assessments, and advises clients about best privacy policies and procedures to safeguard personal health information.

Pamela graduated from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law and was called to the Ontario bar in 2014. She also received her Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto and was a practicing social worker, specializing in health and mental health, working with children and their families, seniors, and care-givers in the hospital and community.  Pamela’s professional and academic background allows her to bring a unique legal perspective to issues that clients face in the health care sector.

Prior to joining DDO Health Law, Pamela served as a Privacy Officer at a research institute.

She is also an Associate Editor of the journal Health Law in Canada.