Michael is a Partner at DDO Health Law. Michael has a broad corporate practice with special emphasis on commercial agreements, procurement, corporate reorganizations and corporate governance.

Michael’s practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Commercial Agreements. Michael helps clients address their day-to-day contractual needs. Michael routinely drafts and reviews a variety of agreements, including supply agreements, research-related agreements, leases, licenses, and affiliation agreements.
  • Procurement. A significant portion of Michael’s practice relates to procurement by broader public sector entities. Michael has experience providing procurement advice in the capacity of in-house counsel as well as external counsel. Michael is well-versed on the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act and its directives. Michael provides advice to clients at all stages of the procurement process, including the drafting of RFX documents, the evaluation of vendor responses and the negotiation of purchase agreements. Michael’s goal is to provide procurement advice that allows clients to stay within the bounds of relevant legislation while avoiding unnecessary complexity.
  • Corporate Reorganizations, Mergers and Acquisitions. Michael provides advice to organizations undertaking corporate reorganizations. Michael guides organizations through the regulatory requirements of such mergers or acquisitions and the development of the documentation required to effect such transactions.
  • Governance. Michael provides guidance to Board members and executives in respect of governance issues and compliance with legislative requirements. Michael advises clients on governance structure and drafts by-laws, and Board and committee mandates.

Michael graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2006.

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