Research is a very rewarding endeavour for hospitals, their researchers and the client populations they serve.  Conducting research brings with it a certain amount of risk for the parties involved.  DDO’s research conference, “Risk Management Issues in Health Research,” aims to explore a number of topics faced by hospital administration and researchers when presented with a research opportunity, or when they initiate their own opportunities for research.

Topics will include:

  • Research agreements with industry and non-industry sponsors in the United States
  • Contract turnaround times
  • Procurement rules in research
  • Investigator and institution responsibilities in investigator-initiated studies
  • Commercialization of research related inventions
  • Domestic and foreign clinical trials insurance coverage.

Speakers include industry leaders from the University of Toronto, MaRS Innovation, Health Canada, Health Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) and hospital administrators at leading teaching hospitals.  Full conference details and registration can be found below:

Research Conference Agenda – May 27 2013