January 25, 2019: A weekly scan of new legislation and regulations important to the Ontario health sector, as well as articles of interest.



No new bills of interest.




No new and approve regulations of interest.


Government Newsroom


Ontario signs two health funding agreement with Health Canada


Articles of Interest



Nova Scotia hospital refuses to carry out medically assisted dying



Canadians spent 54 million on weed in the first month after legalization

Canada’s chronic shortage of legal cannabis expected to drag out for years

Travelers coming into Canada with cannabis could face fines

Ontario cannabis store planning same-day delivery of pot


Ontario seeks to cut pay for family doctors, but MDs dispute claim they make too much for too little work

Ontario doctors challenge referral rule for services that clash with their beliefs

Ontario Medical Association apologizes for 2019 calendar that fails to mention a single female physician


Health Care

CAMH Monitor: Ontario adults reporting increases in mental health problems

Cut to LHINs cynical optics for PCs, when focus should be proper funding for hospitals and ending hallway medicine

if Ontario scraps its LHINs, what’s next for health care


Professional Misconduct and Compliance

London doctor found guilty of professional misconduct, stripped of license to practice

Ontario doctor loses license after admitting to a sexual relationship with a patient

At least 29 homicides in six years in Ontario nursing homes: report



Privacy breach hits, 45, 000 recipients of ODSP

Nurse fired after privacy breach

‘I feel mistreated,’ says Toronto woman caught up in ODSP privacy breach

ODSP recipients affected by data breach launch class action suit against the province


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