March 15, 2019: A weekly scan of new legislation and regulations important to the Ontario health sector, as well as articles of interest.



Bill 74 is currently being debated at Second Reading.




No new and approved regulations of interest.


Articles of Interest



Province unlikely to meet promise of 25 cannabis shops by April 1, analysis shows


Health Care System

A cautionary tale for new Ontario health board

Ontario premier says management-level jobs will be axed amid health-care system overhaul

Questions raised about transparency as board of new health super agency meets in secret

Health-care improvement starts with sharing records and data

Ontario begins dismantling local health integration system

Will the Ford government’s health plan harm organ donation?

Three senior members of the council that regulates Ontario chiropractors have made anti-vaccination statements


Autism Program

Big changes are coming to Ontario’s autism program – here’s what you should know

Layoffs starting at autism clinics in Ontario as new autism funding changes loom

Ontario to look into school exclusions of children with autism

Autism changes should be delayed, experts urge Ford government


Physicians and Nurses

Toronto surgeons seeking handgun ban accuses firearms rights group of trying to intimidate her

Man arrested after alleged attack leaves Moncton nurse with head trauma, broken nose

Lawyers demand police hand over evidence of more alleged crimes by Elizabeth Wettlaufer


Professionalism and Compliance

Doctors, nurses prepare for new Alberta bill to protect patients from sexual abuse

Dr. Schwarz suspended by Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons

New Nova Scotia regulatory body on the way for nurses, but union say it doesn’t address health-care ‘crisis’


Things to do this Weekend

Things to do this Weekend

Weekend fun includes St. Patrick’s Day and March break events