April 5, 2019: A weekly scan of new legislation and regulations important to the Ontario health sector, as well as articles of interest.



Bill 74 is before the Standing Committee on Social Policy.




No new and approved regulations of interest.



Sign up for Privacy Officer Training! Early Bird Deadline – April 12, 2019

Bill 74 – What does it really mean?


MOHLTC Newsroom

Province consulting with parents on enhancements to the Ontario Autism Program

Ontario taking next step in building a Connected Public Health Care System for Patients


Articles of Interest



The process of medically assisted death

Body donation to science after assisted death raises ethical issues



Pot stores are now legal in Ontario – get ready for lineups, shortages and delayed openings

‘It was totally worth the wait.’ Some customers lined up 24 hours to be the first to buy legal pot in Toronto


Health Care System

‘Please take textured breast implants off the market.’ Cancer survivors among Canadians urging FDA hearing to ban devices

Ontario’s vaccination coverage is not what you think. Here are the rates from Toronto to Ottawa that have experts worried

Can you still get sick if you’re vaccinated?

BC Company can sell prescription eyewear online in Ontario court rules

Front line health workers rally for stricter gun laws

Exclusive: Changes proposed to OHIP coverage



Ford government launches consultations on Ontario’s autism program

New Ontario autism funding program begins today


Professional Misconduct

Nova Scotia: Truro doctor to face hearing for professional misconduct, incompetence

Woodstock nurse punished for scheduling suspended colleague


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