May 11, 2018: A weekly scan of new legislation and regulations important to the Ontario health sector, as well as articles of interest.




Parliament has been dissolved due to a general election being called.  Please note any bill that did not reach Royal Assent is deemed to have died, and cannot be carried over between Parliaments.


Status of Previously Reported Bills


Bill Status
Bill 31 – Plan for Care and Opportunity Act (Budget Measures), 2018 Royal Assent on May 8 2018.  


Proposed Regulations


No new regulations of interest.


MOHLTC News Room

Ontario expanding storage and distribution system for tissue transplants

Increasing Access to Health Care in Thorncliff Park


Articles of Interest

Health Care

Wynne commits to hiring 3,500 nurses as she argues PC plan means health care cuts



In 2000, Walkerton’s poisoned water ruined his life. He decided it was time to end it.


Professional Misconduct

People have a right to ‘as much transparency as possible’ when it comes to doctors’ pasts, health minister says

This doctor was jailed for child porn. Then Quebec gave him a license.

This Windsor doctor lied, pleaded guilty to fraud and was punished for improper prescribing

Medical Disorder, Part 3 – Regulators expect doctors to tell the truth about their past. Here’s what happens when they don’t.


Mental Health

Veterans finding that the next battle is with huge gaps in mental health services

This mental health facility is so crowded, patients sleep in meeting rooms



How the investigation into the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman turned from murder-suicide to double homicide


What’s happening in our city this weekend:

High Park Cherry Blossoms expected to be in full bloom early this week

The best spots to see the cherry blossoms in and around Toronto, besides High Park