I wrote an earlier blog post pointing out that, despite some Ontario Government emergency orders offering flexibility in the holding of non-profit AGMs in Ontario, those orders do not apply to public hospitals. Public hospitals were still required to hold their AGMs between April 1 and July 31 per the regulations under the Public Hospitals Act.

See here: https://ddohealthlaw.com/how-to-hold-an-agm-during-covid-19-rules-for-public-hospitals/


A regulation was made on May 12th under the Public Hospitals Act and approved and filed on May 13th, allowing the Minister of Health to issue a direction requiring a hospital board to hold the AGM at another time, despite the AGM period dictated by the regulation. It is interesting that the regulation doesn’t offer flexibility to a hospital board – it seems to mandate that the AGM will be held when the Minister directs.

Please be on the lookout for a Ministerial direction about the timing of your upcoming AGM.

Thanks to Simmie Palter for bringing this to my attention so promptly!