“E”fficiencies in e-governance

We’ve all been there.  It’s time for the board/committee meetings again.  The meeting dates were predetermined months ago, you have to get the packages out in a few days and haven’t even started pulling them together.  The Chair has requested that all board and committee packages go out one week in advance of the meetings.  But now you learn that some board members will be out of town and require the packages earlier.  They are calling: — have the packages gone out yet? and when will we receive them? Read More

Has your board embraced e-Governance?

Is your board aware of the trend toward e-governance? What is e-governance? It’s using electronic devices and communication to enhance the efficiency of boards and committees, and it works for non-profit and charitable organizations as well.  Today, many such organizations have introduced board portals into their systems which allow board and committee members to access meeting materials and relevant organizational documents such as company charters, by-laws, strategic plans, and financial information.  Read More

DDO’s upcoming conference on Risk Management in Health Research

Research is a very rewarding endeavour for hospitals, their researchers and the client populations they serve.  Conducting research brings with it a certain amount of risk for the parties involved.  DDO’s research conference, “Risk Management Issues in Health Research,” aims to explore a number of topics faced by hospital administration and researchers when presented with a research opportunity, or when they initiate their own opportunities for research. Read More