Ontario’s primary care sector submits its inaugural quality improvement plans

In 2010, the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA) was introduced as part of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s provincial Action Plan for Health Care. ECFAA required Ontario hospitals to develop and submit annual Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) with identified and measurable quality improvement initiatives. These hospital-focussed QIPs were one pillar of a broader mandate of systemic quality improvement in Ontario. To that end, it had always been understood that the Ministry’s quality focus would eventually widen to encompass other sectors. Read More

Health care procurement tips – avoiding common traps

With the release of the Broader Public Sector procurement directive in 2011, health care organizations in Ontario have been forced to change the way that they procure goods and services. DDO is working with our clients to implement procurement procedures that are both practical and in compliance with Ontario’s regulatory requirements. Read More

New rules for drug advertising on the internet

Earlier this year, the Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB) released its revised Code of Advertising Acceptance with new provisions relating to drug product advertising (prescription, non-prescription, biologics and natural health products) delivered through the internet and social media.  The new Code provisions will come into effect on July 1, 2013. Read More

Dispelling the myths of privacy in health care – key is ongoing training

The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (“IPC”) released a presentation Privacy and Health Care: Dispelling the Myths  addressing 5 common myths about privacy in health care:

  1. Express consent is required to share personal health information for health care purposes
  2. Express consent must be provided in writing
  3. Individuals do not have a right to see or obtain a copy of their own records
  4. Personal health information cannot be used for educational purposes
  5. Personal health information can never be shared with family members

Read More

IPC report: Privacy policies alone not sufficient (and how this report applies to health care organizations)


Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner (“IPC”) released a report on September 5, 2012 titled “A Policy is Not Enough: It Must be Reflected in Concrete Practices”. As the title suggests, the IPC reminds us that a policy alone cannot protect privacy – it is the action stemming from the policy that is vital.  In its 21-page paper, the IPC provides 7 steps that organizations should consider implementing. Hospitals and other health care facilities should take note as these recommendations apply to you. The following is a summary of the key messages provided in the report. Read More