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Ontario Further Eases Restrictions on Retail Stores and Essential Construction During COVID-19

Ontario Supports Job Creators as People Start Returning to Work

Ontario Releases Plan to Resume Scheduled Surgeries and Procedures

Ontario Extends Electricity Rate Relief During COVID-19

Ontario Expands Virtual Mental Health Services During COVID-19

Ontario Investing in Innovative Ways to Modernize the Justice System

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Anyone waiting for surgery or other hospital procedures delayed by COVID-19 is urged to be patient

PPE shortage a growing concern among dental professionals

Coronavirus: Here’s how provinces plan to emerge from COVID-19 lockdown

Ontario rejects regional phase-outs of COVID-19 restrictions

Coronavirus: Ontario Tech prof launches mental health studies during pandemic


CPSO’s revised end-of-life policy is ethically problematic (opinion)

Long-Term Care Homes

Forty-eight residents at Ontario long-term care home die following COVID-19 outbreak

Why some nursing homes won’t let families install ‘granny cams’ to check on their loved ones

Surveillance testing completed in 15 of Ottawa’s 28 long-term care homes

Woman fears for brother’s life as virus ravages Ottawa nursing home

Health-care workers’ union says Ontario wants to change N95 directive in long-term care

Privacy & AI

Zoom buys security firm Keybase

What is contact tracing? Here’s what you need to know about how it could affect your privacy

Provinces eye technology-enhanced contact tracing in next phase of COVID-19 fight

Google data suggests Canadians following COVID-19 rules, but experts wary over privacy

Balancing Public Health And Data Privacy: Where Does COVID-19 Meet Cybersecurity?

AI-centric health companies landed crucial funding in early 2020

Things to do this Weekend

Toronto restaurants and food shops doing Mother’s Day brunch, bagel buffets, cheese boards and more, for pickup or delivery

Every new title coming to Netflix Canada in May

Eight fantastic florists offering pick-up or delivery in time for Mother’s Day

Podcasts to listen to during coronavirus lockdown

Ontario Emergency Orders update

This week’s updated chart can be downloaded here:

EMCPA Orders and other Regs.INQDDO.May01.20

Disclaimer: This chart is provided for information purposes only and is not legal advice.  Please note that the links provided to will contain the text of the regulations in this document; however, the statutes accessible at that site might not reflect these regulatory amendments.  Please consult for the full text of proposed legislation. This chart is current only to the date indicated.

Please note that this chart does not contain public health directives, federal orders, Ministry of Health or Ontario Health communications such as guidances, memos and updates.

Stay safe.

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Health and Safety Association Guidance Documents for Workplaces During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Ontario Unveils Guiding Principles to Reopen the Province

Ontario Providing Employers with Workplace Safety Guidelines

More Frontline Workers Eligible for Emergency Child Care

Ontario Allows the Redeployment of Staff to Better Care for Vulnerable People During COVID-19

Ontario Supporting Frontline Heroes of COVID-19 with Pandemic Pay

Ontario Helping Businesses Overcome the Unique Challenges Created by COVID-19

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Province reports 8 new long-term care outbreaks amid calls for improved safety measures

Ontario records 421 new cases of COVID-19 and 39 more deaths

Sector-specific guidelines Ontario businesses need to consider before reopening

High-end Toronto grocery store reports first case of COVID-19

Physical distancing until September could save nearly 100,000 lives in Ontario, Quebec, model shows

People are getting COVID-19 by community transmission, but Ontario knows little about how


‘Two crises’: Ontario’s opioid problem worsens during COVID-19 as services for drug users scale back

Long-Term Care Homes

Six more residents at Downsview long-term care home die of COVID-19

Ottawa bans window visits at city-run long-term care homes


Canadian officials eye digital contact tracing amid surveillance, privacy concerns

Health Law Update

Government news

Ontario Takes Immediate Steps to Further Protect Long-Term Care Residents and Staff During COVID-19 Outbreak

Ontario Providing Additional Relief to the Province’s Most Vulnerable

Health Experts Say the COVID-19 Outbreak Has Likely Peaked in Ontario

Articles of Interest


Ontario to release framework to reopen economy as COVID-19 long-term care deaths mount

Ontario nurses win court battle to secure access to PPE in long-term care homes

Environmentalists slam Ontario for suspending oversight regulation amid pandemic

Coronavirus: Ontario to test all long term care residents, staff for COVID-19

COVID-19 in Ontario: hospitalizations steady, premier’s mother-in-law tests positive

Ontario long-term care nurses make shocking allegations about access to PPE during pandemic

Plan to start reopening Ontario will be released next week

No parades, no concerts, no fun? COVID-19 will ensure a summer like no other

Long-Term Care Homes

Coronavirus: Canadian military arrives at 5 Ontario long-term care homes struggling with COVID-19

Long-term care home in Pickering dealing with deadliest outbreak of COVID-19 in Ontario


Civil liberties group warns of ‘invasion of privacy’ as Ontario gives police data of those with COVID-19

Why isn’t MLHU reporting all the COVID-19 numbers? Ontario’s privacy commissioner is concerned

Union says Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre failing to cooperate after privacy breach

Feel-Good News

“I didn’t want to expose my guests to the virus”: An ER nurse received a surprise reception after her wedding was postponed

Ontario Emergency Orders – updated chart

The Ontario government has been enacting emergency orders daily since the declaration of the emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A table of these orders is available at this link:

EMCPA Orders and other Regs.INQDDO.April24

Disclaimer: This chart is provided for information purposes only and is not legal advice.  Please note that the links provided to will contain the text of the regulations in this document; however, the statutes accessible at that site might not reflect these regulatory amendments.  Please consult for the full text of proposed legislation. This chart is current only to the date indicated.

Please note that this chart does not contain public health directives, federal orders, Ministry of Health or Ontario Health communications such as guidances, memos and updates.

Stay safe.

How to Hold an AGM during COVID-19: rules for public hospitals

We find ourselves in uncharted territory during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ontario Government declared an emergency under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act on March 17, 2020. It is ongoing and will continue, according to a Bill passed today in the Ontario Legislature, until at least May 12.

Hospital AGMs have traditionally been attended by members in person. Recall that the Ontario Government’s current social distancing rules prohibit social gatherings of more than five people. It is definitely possible that our current social distancing limitations will still apply in June.

What does this all mean for holding the hospital’s annual general meeting?

When do we have to hold our hospital’s AGM?

Recall that Ontario’s Public Hospitals Act requires (by regulation) every Ontario public hospital to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) between April 1 and July 31, on a day to be fixed by the Board. Most hospitals have traditionally held their AGMs before the start of summer, sometime in June, and as an in-person meeting.

While the Ontario Government has amended the Corporations Act to allow non-share corporations to extend the time for holding the AGM up to 90 days after the pandemic emergency is declared over by the Ontario Government, the AGM rules under the Public Hospitals Act have not been changed. This may well be an oversight, but the July 31st deadline remains nevertheless. (Update April 27th: The ON Government issued emergency orders on April 24th extending the time for holding AGMs for both cooperative corporations and condominium corporations – but no extension for public hospitals. We will keep our eyes on developments.)

As a result, we recommend that hospital Boards plan to hold their AGM before the July 31st deadline.

What are the logistical options for holding our AGM?

The Corporations Act sets the rules for how (not when) a public hospital AGM is held.

In 2017, the Corporations Act was amended to allow members of non-profit and charitable corporations to attend AGMs electronically – by video or teleconference. The by-laws do not need to be amended to allow this – the by-laws or the letters patent just need not expressly prohibit it.

During the declared pandemic emergency, the Ontario Government has gone even further and amended the Corporations Act to allow electronic attendance and voting at members’ meetings, even if the letters patent or by-laws prohibit it.

Therefore, especially if your hospital membership is closed (e.g., limited to the directors themselves), it is absolutely possible to hold the AGM virtually, i.e., entirely through a phone or videoconference meeting, if all of the members agree. (And if the social distancing rules are then in place, the members must agree to attendance virtually (or by proxy), as the Ontario Government bans social gatherings of more than five people.)

However, if the declared emergency is over when the AGM is held, the corporation cannot require members to attend the AGM electronically – it can only allow and encourage this to happen. Under the Corporations Act, the members are entitled to attend the AGM in person.

What if we cannot hold an entirely virtual AGM before July 31st? Can we delay holding our AGM? What are the considerations? Who should approve a delay?

If the social distancing rules are in place, but a member insists on his/her “right” to attend the AGM in person, that is not a lawful exercise of that member’s right. Exercising a right cannot violate another existing law (the social distancing laws). Therefore, if the social distancing rules are in place, the corporation can offer virtual attendance as the only option for attendance. The member may alternatively submit a proxy instead of any form of attendance.

Delaying holding the AGM beyond the July 31st deadline in the Public Hospitals Act regulations is a violation of the Act that carries with it a fairly small fine – for each person who violates the act, $50 to $1000.

We have worked with a number of non-profit organizations that, for various reasons over the years (some valid and some less so), have not held the AGM within the applicable timeline established by either the Corporations Act or the Public Hospitals Act. We are not aware of any negative consequences resulting from such a delay – i.e., no fines or other Government actions.

Any decision to delay holding the AGM contrary to the Public Hospitals Act should be made by the Board with a well-documented rationale (e.g., the hospital is facing a major decision, such as a merger with another organization and feels the need to hold an in-person AGM/town hall to transparently answer questions and settle concerns before proceeding). The rationale should identify why a virtual meeting will not suffice (e.g., the pandemic is declared over, the hospital has canvassed its members and many wish to attend in person, thereby threatening achievement of quorum.)

Any delay should be transparently communicated to all members in a timely manner, in accordance with the method of notice communication stipulated in the by-laws.

Again, for a hospital that has a closed membership (members = directors), there really is no valid rationale to delay holding the AGM. The AGM can be held electronically in the same way that board meetings are held.

If you have additional questions, please contact Kathy O’Brien ( or Michael Gleeson (