Template by-law for compliance with Ontario’s Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, 2010

As part of the required transition to Ontario’s Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 (the “Act”), each corporation that is subject to the Act will need to ensure that its corporate by-laws are in compliance with the Act. Ontario’s Ministry of Consumer Services (the “Ministry”) has made available on its website a default by-law that may be adopted by a corporation or used as a guide to make sure that a corporation’s by-laws are in compliance with the Act. Read More

Health care procurement tips – avoiding common traps

With the release of the Broader Public Sector procurement directive in 2011, health care organizations in Ontario have been forced to change the way that they procure goods and services. DDO is working with our clients to implement procurement procedures that are both practical and in compliance with Ontario’s regulatory requirements. Read More

Drug allocation strategies – lessons from the Sandoz drug shortage

Since becoming aware of production issues at the drug manufacturing facilities of Sandoz Canada Inc., the sole supplier of a large number of the generic injectable drugs used in Ontario, health care providers have been rushing to prepare for possible drug shortages. Hospitals, pharmacies and long-term care facilities have found themselves unprepared for such a crisis. Read More