A weekly scan of new legislation and regulations important to the Ontario health sector, as well as articles of interest. 

by Pam Seto




  • No new bills of interest




  • O. REG 130/17 – Professional Misconduct and Conflict of Interest
  • This regulation was made under the Pharmacy Act, 1991, revoking O.REG 681/93 – Professional Misconduct. O.REG 130/17 specifies what would be considered acts of professional misconduct. This now includes practicing while impaired or adversely affected by a substance, condition, dysfunction, disorder or circumstance that the members knows or ought to knows impairs or adversely affects ability to practice; performing a controlled act that is otherwise authorized to the member where the performance of that act is for an improper purpose; and failing to keep PHI or PI confidentiality or accessing PHI without professional reason to do so.
  • Effective Date: May 5, 2017


Please see regulation: https://www.ontario.ca/laws/regulation/r17130


Articles of Interest


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