Too much time, energy and resources spent on challenging patient, resident and client situations? Struggling to keep family members happy? Staff distracted and feeling unsupported? We can help.

Cove Academy is launching a full-day in-person and webcast session in Toronto on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 followed by access to bi-weekly training, tools and resources through to June 30, 2018. Join our community of practice, and feel confident and ready to deal with these tough situations in any health care settings.

Some of the issues that will be covered:

  • Racist & profane comments
  • What is driving this behaviour?
  • Difficult discharge cases
  • Alternate level of care
  • Behaviour of visitors
  • Safety & rights of staff
  • Why do people complain?
  • Managing disruptive behaviours
  • Setting boundaries
  • Know the law
  • Role of security staff & police
  • Duty to maintain safe premises
  • Is the behaviour criminal?
  • Where do people complain?
  • Care in the home
  • Deescalation of crisis situations
  • Public relations & reputation
  • Social media dilemmas


For More Information Contact our E-Learning & Event Coordinator, Franca Latino at