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 The Ontario Legislature has adjourned until September 11, 2017.


REG 201/96 of the Ontario Drug Benefit Act – The proposed amendments to O.REG 201/96 are required to create and implement the OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare Program (“OHIP+”). As of January 1, 2018, the province will provide drug coverage for children and youth who are covered by OHIP and aged 24 and under, regardless of family income. Enrollment would be automatic based on age and OHIP coverage, and eligible drug products would be available at no costs. The proposed amendments would:

  • Prescribe persons who have OHIP coverage and are aged 24 or under as a class of eligible persons for the purposes of the ODB Program;
  • Specify that no co-payment may be charged to ODB-eligible persons who are under 25; and
  • Prescribe the implementation of OHIP+ as a purpose for which the MOHTLC may collect, use, and disclose personal information under s. 13 of the Ontario Drug Benefit Act.

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