DDO Health Law is a boutique health law firm based in Toronto, Ontario.

Our strengths lie in capacity building and finding creative and practical solutions to our clients’ most common and most complicated dilemmas. We understand that an overly legal response is not the best or only solution for many issues that arise for our clients. We view every issue through a legal, risk management, strategic and public relations lens, without losing sight of the relevant stakeholder perspectives (including the Board, management, staff, privileged professionals, patients, families, and funders).

Our firm provides concrete and common sense tools for our clients. At DDO Health Law, we assist our clients to manage difficult issues and to recognize when they should seek our advice.  We focus on teaching our clients how to empower themselves on a broad range of health law topics. See Our Services.

Client Testimonials

Arnprior Regional Health is one of Ontario’s first integrated health services corporations with services in the sectors of acute care, long term care and community services. The breadth and depth of expertise in corporate law, human resources, and health service transformation at DDO Health Law provides exceptional strategic support in our quest to be recognized for exemplary care.

– Eric Hanna, President & CEO, Arnprior Regional Health

Cogent and concise legal advice.

– Joseph Mapa, President & CEO, Sinai Health System